About Us & Press

In 2003 we ran away from our day jobs (Lori - Graphic Design, Starbuck - Engineering) and starting selling vintage clothes as well as our hand screened tees online. We ran out of room to store everything in our tiny apartment and opened our first brick and mortar shop on historic Magazine Street in New Orleans, LA. From there we expanded to our own site, wholesale, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, Poshmark, Deepop, WhatNot & more. 

Our tees have been featured far and wide: the Big Bang Theory (CBS), The Last Man on Earth (Fox), The New York Times, The Daily Show, CBS, Fox, Spin Magazine, CMT, MTV, HLN (Making it in America), the Times Picayune, NPR, Time Magazine, indie film The Brass Teapot, and many more. Our shirts are a favorite of many celebrities and our T-Rex shirt is a staple in Sheldon's closet on the Big Bang Theory.

Thank you for shopping with us,
Lori and Starbuck Laney

For Press Inquiries please reach out to us anytime at info@happyfamilyclothing.net or on any social media platform.

FOX - The Last Man on Earth

Tandy (Will Forte) wore our Santa T-Rex tee during the  Secret Santa episode and it was "friggin awesome". Season 2 Episode 9


Mashable.com - 25 Amazingly Awful Christmas Sweaters

"It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holiday office party. We're talking about the only time it's socially acceptable (and practically encouraged) to don the gaudiest outfit your closet has to offer."

The Brass Teapot - Magnolia Pictures

Our Futuristic Robot tee worn by Michael Angarano (John) in The Brass Teapot (2013 Release) as well as our Beaver with a Lightsaber tee.


Babble.com - Top 10 Cutest Baby Clothes on Etsy

"This is one of the most successful clothing shops on Etsy — and for good reason. If you're looking for unique, cooler baby onesies, then you need to check out this creative family-run company."

YoungHouseLove.com - What Santa Brought Us

"It provided the perfect opportunity to pose next to my dad with the gift that we got him – a bicycle parts shirt from Happy Family Clothing."

Headline News - Making it in America - How to Craft a Successful Biz

"Lori Laney is a mompreneur who once had a storefront, but decided to move all of her business online and hasn't looked back. Nine years ago, Lori and her husband started HappyFamily, a clothing line of custom-made t-shirts for kids and adults."

Lori Laney from Happy Family Clothing on Making It In America (HLN)

CBS - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) on The Big Bang Theory is wearing our super famous T-Rex tee once again on The Friendship Contraction episode (2012).

Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) Wearing Happy Family Clothing T-Rex T-Shirt

Babble.com - 20 Best Etsy Shops by Moms

"The #1 best-selling clothing shop on Etsy -- and there are a lot of clothing shops on Etsy -- belongs to this mom of three, who designs the coolest t-shirts for the entire family."

CBS - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) on The Big Bang Theory is wearing our super famous T-Rex tee. Season 3: Episode 4, The Pirate Solution (2012).

Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) Wearing Happy Family Clothing T-Rex T-Shirt on "The Pirate Solution" Episode

The Etsy Blog - Quit Your Day Job: happyfamily

"Lori and Starbuck, the mom and pop behind happyfamily, decided to take the plunge into selling on Etsy full time after a school of dolphins made quite a fuss one day on the beach while the couple was talking about Etsy."


CBS - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory is wearing our new T-Rex tee. Season 2, Episode 17, Sheldon's Big Idea scene.

Gizmodo - Giddy Up

Our Robot Riding a Triceratops is featured on Gizmodo and Wired.com. "It's as if someone screenprinted the contents of my soul directly onto preshrunk cotton."